Accepted payments offers you a wide range of different payment methods, which you can choose directly before concluding with the simplicity of the process. is able to protect the personal data via an SSL protocol and all existing security protocols: 3D Secure, Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and CV2. For any further information please contact our customer service at: tel. + 39 3339928572

The orders Payments can be made with:

- Credit Card Visa, MasterCard, Carta Aura, Postepay Visa and American Express, through PayPal system.
- Bank transfer in advance.
- Riccarica American Express (payment to the Italian Post or Circuit Sisal, Tobacconist).
Payments by Credit Card PayPal

 The online payment by credit card is protected by a very effective data encryption system. Orders can be paid by credit card through the secure payment system of PayPal®. All credit card information is communicated by the client directly to PayPal®, without going through the server that in no way will be aware of the customer's credit card number.

PayPal automatically encrypts all the information about the payment transaction with a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) of 128-bits (the highest level available for e-commerce). The accepted credit cards are: Visa, MasterCard, Carta Aura, Postepay Visa, American Express and American Express.

Payments with PayPal®

 Paypal® is another absolutely safe online payment method that allows you to make the payment order directly accessing your account. The data related to your account and your credit card will be handled directly by Paypal, which simply provide us with an email communication after payment has been made.

 Payments by bank transfer

 If you decide to complete the order by paying by bank transfer in advance, you will receive an e-mail communication in which the data of our bank account will be written. In this case your order will be shipped after we received clear the funds in the checking account. We remind you that if we do not receive payment for your order within 7 working days from the date of confirmation, we will provide to its cancellation in order to make the products available again. Please kindly to inform the date of issue of the transfer in our favor with evenutale copy and cro code.

 Payments by Reload Postepay (Simpler and faster)

To make a charging PostePay you have four streets.

The first is linked directly to the post office, the second is linked to the world's PosteItaliane, the third, which was adopted recently, it is delivered via the circuit of payments Sisal while this takes place via the Postamat branches. All methods are safe even if they are preferable those directly related to the post office. Let's see why.
To reload a Postepay (whether yours or a third party) to a Post Office you need to bring your identity card, the card number to recharge and the holder (in addition, of course, money).

Ask the operator for charging PostePay Form and fill it in its entirety. When you're done hand it to the same operator who will perform the operation.
The commission charged, for quaunque value transactions, is only 1 € uro.
If you prefer not to queue at the counter, and you have an account on the PosteItaliane site, you can do this directly online. Sign in using your account on the portal and click on the link Access American Express services. In the right menu, then click on Reload Card.
The money will be collected or from your checking account or your PostePay, your choice. In both cases you will be asked for the data security of the transaction. The commission, if applicable, is equal to 1 € uro again.

Money Back

The customers should feel completely satisfied with the choice made. All products comply with the features described in the website. For any clarification, please check the Returns section.

Safety will treat your information lawfully and with full protection of the rights of those concerned and in particular their privacy. To ensure the safety of your data, please note that the credit card transactions are handled through the secure server of XPay and / oPayPal®. will therefore not aware of any data on your credit card. XPay and PayPal meet all the maximum SSL security standards and data transmission of your credit card is under its responsibility